What we do.

At Evolusia, our collective experience as entrepreneurs with extensive backgrounds in project management, technology, finance and human capital, is leveraged to help companies form strategic growth plans and to successfully execute them. Starting out with a top-level review of the various aspects of the business, we ensure that the foundations for growth are rooted and scalable. We then help identify growth markets, develop strategic approaches for market entry and connect you to potential partners. From strategic to tactical, we are able to participate at strategy formulation through to ground execution of the strategy. In addition, Evolusia provides corporate finance and fundraising advice for companies to secure a strong and suitable financial base to fund growth.

Our approach is flexible. Our method is bespoke. Our intention is genuine. Our aim is your success.

The team

The team is the most important part of a successful business. Without the right team, limitless cash funding the most amazing ideas will fail. Evolusia helps the team evolve. We advise on team dynamics and management structure. We roll up our sleeves and help build the team, even become part of it when it adds value.

The idea

The idea is at the core of a successful business. Whether the idea is one for a brand new business, or one of growth into new markets and territories; Evolusia helps the team explore the idea further, review the strategic options and puts together a deal structure. We sit in on the strategy sessions, consult as experts, and work in refining the strategy to perfection.

The money

The money is the life blood of a successful business. Without it, a business becomes paralysed and unable to grow. Evolusia helps the team expand their reach into the world of finance, offering access to funding and investors we have worked with before. We help you put the proposal together, and will be there to make the execution an actual success.

What we don’t do

Evolusia helps you explore, expand, and evolve. Activities that do not help one of the three key tenets of your business will not be taken up at Evolusia. We do not charge on man-day rates. We do not bill you before results are seen. We do not write long essays and beautify the proposals. Instead, we charge at rates reflective of your success. We use a transparent approach in working with our customers. And we give you the essence of what needs to be done (or even do it if it is part of the engagement) in a simple but meaningful way.